November 30, 2015

Buy something for someone who is hungry or homeless!

On this 30th day of November we mark the last day of the month with Cyber Monday. We encourage you to think of those who are not able to provide for themselves or their families this holiday season. As you buy something online for you or a loved one, buy another for someone who may be experiencing hunger or homelessness and deliver it personally, together with your family or loved ones to the nearest shelter. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful feeling you receive from this simple act of giving. And what a life lesson to share with your family.

HomeAid San Diego has been sharing a simple way each day for the 30 days in November to give to those who are hungry or homeless. We call it our ’30 Ways in 30 Days to Give’ calendar, which started this Giving Season at the beginning of November. You can still click here to see the entire month of giving suggestions. Even though November has come to an end, there are still 31 days left in 2015 to ‘Give’. December 1st is National #GivingTuesday, which is recognized all over the country as a day to ‘Give’ to the charity of your choice. If you didn’t have a chance to ‘give back’ in November – it’s not too late — you can still use the daily ‘Give Back’ suggestions from the November calendar for the remainder of the 30 days in December 2015.

Start with #GivingTuesday on December 1st, and then choose several other days during the remaining 30 days of December 2015 to do something for those who are hungry or homeless. You won’t forget that gratifying feeling when you have helped someone with a ‘hand up’ and not a ‘hand out’.

We at HomeAid San Diego hope you have enjoyed receiving our ’30 Ways in 30 Days to Give’ calendar and that you were able to use one of our daily suggestions to connect with a social service agency or shelter that serves the hungry or the homeless. Our hope is that you will continue to engage with these organizations throughout the coming year and help to make a permanent change in someone’s life.

As 2015 comes to an end, please consider donating your time, treasure or talent to HomeAid San Diego or another organization who serves the hungry or homeless.

Alexis Parker

Executive Director, HomeAid San Diego

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