Voices for the Homeless Creative Contest

Thank you to everyone that entered! We have selected the top three winners: Congratulations! 1st Place: Finley McNally, 2nd Place: Gaby Majchrzak and 3rd Place: Joey Ochoa. (entries below)

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November is Youth Homelessness Awareness Month and HomeAid San Diego is encouraging students in grades 3-12 to create a poster, poem, essay, short video, song, drawing or street art form to increase awareness about the dire issues facing the homeless in San Diego county and ways we can all step up to help them.

Contest Details
Submission Dates: October 1 – November 30, 2020
How to Submit: Send your entry to info@homeaidsd.org as a png, jpeg, or tiff file.
Submission Guidelines: We want to hear from you about why homeless lives matter and why we should work harder to see that every person has a warm bed to sleep in every night here in San Diego county. Here are a few guidelines to help with getting started –

  1. Create something that will get people to think about why homelessness is a problem and what to do about it.
  2. Create something that helps bring a voice to those who are living on the streets.
  3. Create something that gets people to want to help those less fortunate.
  4. The entries should be respectful to all people and take into account

Contest Entries

1st Place Winner!! Made by Finley McNally, Age 9, Toler Elementary
2nd Place Winner!! Gaby Majchrzak , 8th Grade, Poway Unified School District
Parent and Teacher, Poway, CA
5th Grade Student, Poway Unified School District
8th Grade Student, Poway Unified School District
8th Grade Student, Poway Unified School District
7th Grade Student, Poway Unified School District
5th Grade Student, Poway Unified School District
3rd Place Winner!!! Joey Ochoa