‘National Adoption Day’ – How Adoption Changes YOUR Life

November 21, 2015

–How adoption changes your life even more so than the life of your adopted child

My wife and I met my son around Thanksgiving 2006 when he was 5 months old at Polinski Center.  He was a chubby, smiley little boy and we were thrilled but wondering how different our lives would be with a child to care for.  It was my wife’s and my first placement as newly certified foster parents.  Fast forward 2½ years and we are sitting in front of a judge adopting our son.  Our next seven years together have been filled with challenges and delights as with every family.

He has brought us spinal realignments with his bear hugs, hearing loss with his electric guitar practice, frustration during homework battles, humility with his 10-move checkmate, sunburns with his all-day soccer tournaments, patience-testing during discipline sessions, uncontrollable giggles in response to his belly laugh, awe at his mussels-in-wine-sauce dinner order and pride as he helps out with a 4-year-old children’s group.  He’s a charmer, hooligan, leader, shyster, joy and a royal pain but has put his fingerprint on our family.  Our lives are forever better.  Can’t image our world without him.

Joe Vettel

President, HomeAid San Diego Board of Directors

President and CEO, Geocon Incorporated