Noah Homes: ‘Join the Journey’

November 13, 2015

“There’s something special about Noah.”  Lately I’ve heard more people say these words than ever before, and for good reason.

In January, we publicly announced our plans to build two of the first memory care homes in the nation for people with developmental disabilities.  Now, we have over 20 business partners and a passionate team of fundraisers who have collected $4 million in donations and in-kind services, and another $1 million available for matched funds.

This means security for us and our folks in knowing when we say they have a lifelong home, we will be able to make that happen.  But outside of Noah, this is a first step for the larger community in supporting the millions of people with developmental disabilities as they age and the millions more who are family and friends.

I’ve had the opportunity to share our story with the National Down Syndrome Society, the Alzheimer’s Association, the ARC and many others from the Capitol in California to the Capitol in Washington DC.  For some people, it was the first they had heard of the strong connection between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s.  With others, it was a discussion about the lack of quality options available to aging caretakers and people with developmental disabilities in immediate need of additional support.  Opening 20 beds is a great start, but it’s just that- a start.

To close, I just can’t say thank you enough for your support during this new adventure of ours into aging.  To think, 40 years ago, people with developmental disabilities weren’t living into their 30s.  How fortunate we are to see our beloved folks live full and happy lives and how fortunate we are to have Noah Homes.  My thoughts are with those who do not have a Noah, and my feet are pushing forward to give a strong voice to those without one.

Join our team and be history in the making!  Be a part of something truly extraordinary by partnering with us to build these two homes which will be 2 of the first of their kind in California and the nation.  Join our journey to serve people with developmental disabilities who are struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory care issues.


To make a donation, contact Molly Nocon, CEO of Noah Homes.

(619)660-6200 ext. 14


To join our construction team, contact Alexis Parker, Executive Director at HomeAid San Diego.