Alpha Square

Alpha Square is a new 6-story housing complex at the corner of 14th and Market Street in downtown San Diego. The development created 203 beds for low-income men and women. The project, valued at $27 million, was financed by Chelsea Investments, the City of San Diego and US Bank. Emerson Construction served as the General Contractor.

Through building industry connections, HomeAid San Diego contributed building expertise and secured in-kind material resources and energy efficient appliances. HomeAid San Diego will also lead the build-out of the Alpha Square eatery in the 3,400 sq. ft. of retail space located on the first level of the housing development. The build-out will result in significant savings to Alpha Project and support the upkeep of Alpha Square through social enterprise.


Service Provider: Alpha Project
Population Served: Homeless Men and Women
Builder Captain: Emerson Construction
Beds: 203
Groundbreaking: May 2014
End date: September 2015

Grand Opening: October 23, 2015