Life Spring House

North County Lifeline in Vista, CA called upon HomeAid San Diego to help them turn a house currently used as office and storage space into duplexes that will house 4 emancipated foster youth in the front duplex; house 2 emancipated foster youth in the rear duplex; and provide a separate efficiency apartment for emancipated foster youth in the center of the duplex structure.

In addition, HomeAid San Diego assisted Lifeline in the remodel of their office building in Oceanside that will house the administrative personnel and storage that will be relocated from the Vista property. Mike Hall of Hallmark Communities is providing General Contractor services.

The Oceanside office renovation was completed in January 2012 and the emancipated foster youth duplex renovations started in July 2012 and were completed in October 2012. Dedication is targeted for February 2013.


Service Provider: North County Lifeline
Population Served: Emancipated Foster Youth
Builder Captain: Hallmark Communities
Beds: 6
Groundbreaking: July, 2012
Dedication: April 1, 2013