Maternity Shelter Project #3 & Thrift Store

The partnership between HomeAid San Diego and Home Start which began 4 years ago, continues to create much needed housing for young mothers ages 18-23 and their dependent children, most recently with the renovation of a 3rd Maternity Shelter and a social enterprise Thrift Store run by Home Start. Dedicated in January 2015, this newest development created 10 new beds for deserving young mothers and their children, as well as an opportunity for retail job and financial literacy training for the residents working in the Thrift Store. HomeAid was able to secure a grant through the Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation and a donation from Pardee Homes to help supplement the construction budget.


Service Provider: Home Start, Inc.
Population Served: Women and children
Builder Captain: Pacific Shores Development
Beds: 10
Start date: March 2014
End date: December 2014
Dedication: January 23, 2015

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