Merle’s Place

Merle’s Place is the complete transformation of two warehouse bays into a transitional home for 44 homeless veterans, seniors and disabled individuals. The 4,520 square feet warehouse bays have been redesigned to provide dormitory-style bedrooms, lounge areas and bathrooms.

Shamrock Development and Burger Construction joined forces as Builder Captains to complete the largest and most complex design project in HomeAid San Diego’s history.

Testimonials from Care Providers

“Merle’s Place was something all together different for us. In most instances, the Veterans Administration contributes about 65% of the funding for this kind of project; but for Merle’s, we only received a modest $100,000, less than 20% of the costs to build this facility. Merle’s Place was made possible because of the generosity and support of HomeAid. More than $600,000 plus was provided by HomeAid to fund labor, materials, and blood sweat, and tears into this place. When the rain slowed down construction, HomeAid was there. When the roof started to leak and additional unforeseen costs were accrued, HomeAid was there. When we experienced a shortage of labor, HomeAid was there. In fact, HomeAid’s Project Managers personally came to our site with shovels and their crews to help get the job done. HomeAid has consistently been there for our community. We could not have done this without them.”
– Janet Bolosan, Director of Veterans Services

“Your generosity provided immediate help for more than 44 homeless Veterans, and will continue to help hundreds more. HomeAid’s commitment to helping our homeless Veterans offers a good reflection on society. We are honored to have such generous and compassionate partners. I cannot think of a better cause than giving back to our Veterans who have already given so much.”
– Rob Heilein, Merle’s Place Case Manager

“As a full-time cook for Merle’s Place, I just want to say that the funding and support we received from HomeAid to build Merle’s Place has really helped all the Veterans. I see these guys on a day to day basis and I have the privilege of seeing them grow and succeed. HomeAid does many wonderful things in our community, and for that, they should be honored.”
– Patricia Fitch, Merle’s Place Cook

Testimonials From Residents

Earl: “Merle’s Places gives you an opportunity to get back on your feet and I’m glad that this service is available. Without Merle’s Place, I’d probably just hanging out on the street. I can’t say this enough, but I am very appreciative of everyone who helped build, fund, and support Merle’s.”

Dan: “I couldn’t ask for a better program. To anyone who made this possible: thank you. I intend to put this opportunity to good use and make everyone proud.”

Hayden: “I’m glad to be here, really. You can’t expect much after living on the streets, but this place has been a God-send. At Merle’s I have access to employment services and job training, wonderful food, A BED, and case workers that really work to make every opportunity made available to me.”

Donald: “Merle’s Place has been a real blessing and I really appreciate everyone’s time and energy into making this shelter possible for Veterans. It’s been a tremendous help to me, and I’m fortunate, and just plain glad, to be here. I’d recommended this program to anybody: it will change your perspective and save you from a life of homelessness.”

Juan: “The opportunities at Merle’s are endless; but, the best thing of all is the opportunity I have to get back on my feet. And at Merle’s I have the opportunity to do just that.”


Population Served:Veterans, Seniors and Disabled
Builder Captain:Shamrock Development, LLC and Burger Construction
Service Provider: Interfaith Community Services
In-Kind Value:$698,588
Total Project Value:$748,588
Groundbreaking: September 17, 2004
Dedication:July 12, 2006

Trade Partners