Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays: North County Lifeline

November 22, 2016

The holiday season sometimes seems to creep up on us unexpectedly and as most of us begin to make preparations for the Thanksgiving meal and Christmas or Hanukah gift buying, there are many in our community who struggle to simply get by.

Here at Lifeline we know that many low-income parents dread the holidays. Families are already making tough choices, such as paying rent or buying groceries. Holiday gifts for kids can be out of the question. Lifeline’s Adopt-A- Family program supports hard-working families with a little extra help during the holidays. Toys for the children and gift cards for parents can go a very long way!

Adopt-a- Family is a holiday giving program designed to help low-income families who are current Lifeline clients. Families are “adopted” by local businesses, organizations, and individuals who purchase household items and gifts that make the holiday season special.

Candidate families are nominated by Lifeline’s case managers, therapists, social workers, and other staff. The kinds of issues our client families face include:

  • Families recovering from homelessness.
  • Transition age foster youth establishing their first independent home.
  • Families that have children with mental health issues, or are participating in a juvenile diversion programs.
  • Survivors of human trafficking.

In all cases, these are families with incomes at, or below, the poverty level.

There are 3 ways to help the families:

Option 1: Adopt a Specific Family 

Lifeline staff members submit a family “profile” of the families they are nominating to be adopted. The profile includes a brief biography, a list of basic needs, and a “wish list”. The families are then matched to a donor(s) who adopts them.

Option 2: Donate gift cards

Any amount helps for stores like Target, Walmart, Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, Arco and Shell.

Option 3: Donate online

We’ll use your gift to support a family who either hasn’t been adopted yet, or a family who needs a little extra support.

For more information contact: or 760-842- 6254