Delivering Donuts & Kindness

November 8, 2016

Yesterday, HomeAid San Diego teamed up with Turner Construction to deliver donuts to our friends at Alpha Project‘s Casa Raphael.

It is an honor to be able to serve the communities in which we work. Every time, that I’m in the community assisting someone, I am stunned at the personal reward that hits my heart. I would encourage everyone to help someone in need and discover the joy of giving.
As a Board Member of HomeAid San Diego, I was thrilled to learn that our mission in November was called, “30 Ways in 30 Days to Give”. Yesterday, we arrived to offer Donuts to a group of individuals who might not be able to access a “donut shop” very often.
The recipients were so happy and so appreciative. When we left the facility, it felt as if the spirit of Christmas was suddenly upon us. Special thanks to HomeAid San Diego and my company, Turner Construction, who support me in helping make the lives of those in need better.

-By: Vera Howell, HomeAid San Diego Board Member

Handing out donuts was only a small part of what we did on Monday. The larger experience was “Handing Out” kindness and support to gentlemen who are kick-starting their lives as adults. Most of us have all had the opportunity to grow and develop into the adults we’ve become and have had years to do so. These gentlemen are basically starting from scratch (or worse) to grow and develop into contributing citizens in only a matter of months, while carrying baggage from their past. What an immense task! There is no way we could do it without help and neither can they.
In the donut line, we got an opportunity to talk briefly with each man and sense their joy about the donuts, of course, but they felt even more – from us. One gentleman picked out a couple of donuts and asked me, “Why do you people do this?” I said, “Excuse me?” He repeated, “Why do you people do this?” I just smiled in his eyes and said, “Because we care about you”. His eyes changed as well as both of our hearts.
This is an event that one never forgets. It changes your heart. What a gift we all gave to each other!

-By: Steve Howell, HomeAid San Diego Board Member

Thank you to all who were involved in this ‘sweet’ day, including Jason Rodriguez, Director of Alcohol and Drug Services at Alpha Project and Robert DeLisle, Special Projects Manager at Alpha Project.

Casa Raphael is Alpha Project’s state-licensed residential drug and alcohol treatment program for homeless and formerly incarcerated men. Through Casa Raphael, Alpha Project is able to provide men who have encountered drug and alcohol addictions with the treatment they need to overcome these addictions over a 9-12 month period, and also provide them with the job training in order to transition them back into the workforce.