Modern Day Slavery

November 20, 2016

By: Susan Munsey, Director of Programs, Generate Hope

Human trafficking lives in our backyards, with our daughters, neighbors and friends all vulnerable to being lured in. It is not “just” a problem overseas or  “just” in another city. San  exploitation of children. They are being recruited from high schools, middle schools, malls, public transportation, group homes, foster homes & off the streets of our city. It is San Diego’s second largest underground economy after drug trafficking & represents an estimated $810 million in annual revenue.

Our country fought hard to end slavery, but it still exists today with sex trafficking. As a society we cannot ignore this problem, it is robbing our youth of their very lives. It is taking their innocence, assaulting their minds and stealing their futures. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to it as it grows under our noses and under the radar.

Talk about it, vote about it, get involved, but do not ignore it. Sex trafficking is a much hidden corruption in our country that must be seen, recognized for what it is and destroyed before it destroys others.

Join Generate Hope in empowering and restoring the lives of trafficked women: visit their website to learn how.