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Working Together: Builders, Service Providers, and Community

Since our founding in March 2002, HomeAid San Diego has completed projects to house emancipated foster youth, women with children who have been victimized by domestic abuse, women over 50, veterans, seniors and disabled persons, mothers 18-23 and their dependent children, and high school aged foster youth.

HomeAid San Diego follows a tested roadmap to develop these projects. Every organization and individual is crucial to the final results. Leading local builders supply construction skills and expertise; trade partners donate labor, materials, and services; volunteers and other donors provide support and funds; and finally, service providers own and operate the facilities, providing services to residents.

Our Service Provider partners are outstanding and reflect the diversity of our County, its creativity and it’s caring. Each of our Service Providers is carefully evaluated to determine that each project will be well maintained and used for programs that have demonstrated success in supporting their clients in restoring their lives.

Our Builder Captains consistently provide a higher quality completed project than requested or anticipated by our service provider partners. Our projects change lives and enhance the neighborhood in which they are located. In almost all cases, our completed projects are the highest quality and best maintained properties in their neighborhood, often after being among the most in need of repair.

The success of HomeAid San Diego is due to the generosity and skill of our Builder Captains and trade partners, the caring and passion of our local non-profit Service Providers, the financial support of our sponsors and donors, and the commitment of our volunteers – particularly our all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Housing Development Application Procedure

When a qualified nonprofit Service Provider brings a potential building project to HomeAid San Diego for their assistance in the building of the project, the Service Provider must submit a formal application for project approval to HomeAid San Diego’s Housing Development Committee. The Housing Development Committee reviews the Service Provider’s project, and if approved, the project is presented to the HomeAid San Diego Board of Directors for their majority approval and subsequent adoption of the project. HomeAid San Diego performs rigorous due diligence to ensure the Service Provider can achieve the positive outcomes for which a HomeAid facility is being built or renovated.

Once a project is approved and adopted, HomeAid San Diego starts the search for an appropriate Builder Captain for the project and the process begins, with HomeAid San Diego spearheading the building project for the Builder Captain and the Service Provider.

To learn more about partnering with HomeAid San Diego and submitting your building project to be considered for adoption by HomeAid San Diego, please contact HomeAid San Diego directly.

To be considered for a HomeAid San Diego building project please submit an application.

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