HomeAid San Diego establishes partnerships with the real estate industry and their trades, and non-profit Service Providers who provide programs and services to San Diego’s temporarily homeless population of men, women, children and families.  Through these partnerships, HomeAid San Diego brings together professional experts in the residential and commercial building industry with qualified Service Providers who are seeking help to build or renovate their facilities.  Acting as a Project Manager, HomeAid San Diego facilitates communication and understanding between the groups – the builders and their trades and the Service Providers.

Coordinating this interrelated partnership for each building project is the cornerstone of the HomeAid Building Model.  HomeAid protects our partners under an umbrella of liability insurance and works diligently through local and national resources to get as much of the project labor and materials donated as possible to offset project costs.

The residential and commercial builders (Builder Captains) do what they do best in building the projects and enlisting their trade partners to do the same.  The commitment of labor, expertise, services and materials is typically donated or provided at a reduced cost.  When the projects are complete, they are turned over to qualified Service Providers to run and implement their programs. The residents of the programs are helped to regain their foothold in the community, while they are being provided with a dignified and safe place to call their temporary home.

HomeAid San Diego recognizes the importance of the skilled trade in the building industry and the solid foundation of the Service Provider for whom the project will be built, and brings together a diverse group for one purpose – to build or renovate a shelter for the temporarily homeless in San Diego.