Builder Captains

The Builder Captain is the centerpiece of the HomeAid program.  Builder Captains coordinate construction of our projects and give their business partners the opportunity to participate in a very visible and tangible benefit to our community – building a legacy for the future.  Our Builder Captains bring to the nonprofit world far more than they realize.  On every HomeAid project, the knowledge and experience that our Builder Captains use in their daily business along with their genuine concern for providing an opportunity for the most vulnerable in our society creates a result that exceeds the expectations and dreams of the entire team and the residents.  The generosity and personal commitment given to our projects by members of San Diego’s real estate community is a powerful statement about the companies and individuals involved in San Diego’s real estate industry.

In addition to coordinating the construction, the Builder Captain makes best efforts to obtain donated labor, materials and consulting services from its trade partners, industry subcontractors, and suppliers to complete the project.  We ask that the Builder Captain secure as much as possible of the construction costs through in-kind donations of labor and materials. However, the nonprofit service provider is responsible for all costs not received as in-kind donations. The Builder Captain is not responsible for costs of the project other than those specifically pledged by the Builder Captain, for example the cost of providing the construction superintendent.   Each participant, including the Builder Captain signs a pledge agreement so that the entire Project Development Team has a clear understanding of the expectations of each participant.

All HomeAid projects have commercial general liability insurance that HomeAid obtains though the national HomeAid organization.  This policy insures the Builder Captain, HomeAid, the service agency, donors of labor and materials and consultants against liabilities arising out of the construction of the project.  Either HomeAid or the service agency pays the cost of this policy.

HomeAid is committed to working side by side with the Builder Captains to ensure the successful completion of the project. If necessary, HomeAid can provide project management, accounting, administrative and other services to help manage the project and augment the resources of the Builder Captain.

HomeAid and the service agency publicly acknowledges the vital role of the Builder Captain and participating contractors through releases to the media, website recognition, newsletter articles and with HomeAid national. HomeAid and the service agency also highlight the efforts of the Builder Captain at groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies associated with the project.

Builder Captains in San Diego and nationally, have indicated that participation in HomeAid projects have been tremendously rewarding in terms of building employee ésprit de corps, corporate teambuilding and a sense of pride in their company’s commitment to “give back to the community.”
Our Builder Captains have each consistently exceeded all expectations creating wonderful welcoming housing that restores pride and a sense of value to each resident, and are the key to the success of each project and of HomeAid.

Role of the Builder Captain

  1. Review project plans and give input to ensure a practical project design.
  2. Determine the scope of work and prepare a project construction budget.
  3. Identify and recruit subcontractors and suppliers to assist in construction. HomeAid San Diego works with the Builder Captain in any capacity requested such as preparing letters, making phone calls, brainstorming potential contacts, following up on your initial contacts. HomeAid board members will make contacts and phone calls, as will the service agency’s staff and board members. Ultimately, the selection of subcontractors and suppliers is the decision of the Builder Captain to ensure confidence in the construction team.
  4. Participate in the Project Development Team (comprised of Builder Captain representative(s) and those of HomeAid and the service agency). Provide regular communication to Project Development Team members.
  5. Donate the time of a construction superintendent or other designee to control the day-to-day construction process and ensure the timely completion of the project.
  6. Provide information to HomeAid so that we can maintain accurate records of all subcontractors, suppliers and others participating on project and the total market value of work performed by each and market value of labor donated, labor hours donated and materials donated. HomeAid will maintain a current budget throughout construction so the Project Development Team is informed at all times of costs incurred to date, donations received to date, donations expected/pledged and the amount of funds that the service agency and HomeAid must have to pay subcontractors. On some projects HomeAid maintains this budget; on others, the Builder Captain prefers to maintain the budget as they do for their other projects.
  7. Provide HomeAid with contact information for every company scheduled to be on the job so we can provide them with commercial general liability insurance coverage.

Builder Testmonials

“It’s a very unique program, and it’s a great way for our industry to give back in such a special way. We found HomeAid to be one of the best, if not the most effective, organizations through which to really contribute back to our communities.
– Jeff Roos, President, Lennar Homes of California

“HomeAid is a great fit for our company culture, which has a core value of giving back to the community.”
– Bert Selva, President & CEO, Shea Homes

“Standard Pacific is proud to be associated with HomeAid San Diego and as a national HomeAid sponsor. Our core values at Standard Pacific include striving to build lasting communities that reach beyond simply the homes we build. HomeAid gives us a vehicle to strengthen and enhance our communities utilizing the talents of our caring team. We are gratified to know that we are supporting the mission of South Bay Community Services, not only by providing them a safe, upgraded facility, but also in enabling them to concentrate on providing life-changing services rather than on building and capital campaigns.”
– Brian Utlser, President, Standard Pacific Homes, San Diego Division

“It was absolutely rewarding providing a great place for women and children to get a new start. If there is another project, I’d like to be involved.”
– Bob Osuna, Project Manager, Standard Pacific Homes

“The commitment in our company for this effort is sky high, because we and our trade partners are doing what we do best and we’re helping thousands of people as a result. We are eager to be directly involved as HomeAid opens chapters in the markets we serve.”
– Mike McGee, President & CEO, Pardee Homes