Salvation Army: BOGO – Buy One, Give One!

November 27, 2015

When we think about the Salvation Army, we often times think about donation facilities and holiday bell ringers to help aid the homeless within our communities. For the community of San Diego County and many others throughout the country, the Salvation Army provides other services such as recovery programs, disaster services, food programs, shelter and transitional housing and spiritual guidance.

Through the Salvation Army’s shelter and transitional housing programs, they graciously work to provide emergency shelters, group homes and transnational living centers for the hungry and homeless within our community and with the aid of community involvement.

With 8,742 homeless individuals within our community on any given night, the need to find housing, shelters – temporary and permanent, is greater than ever. The programs that the Salvation Army provides to the homeless includes serving the homeless with food and overnight lodging, providing educational, counseling and vocations services and specific training for job training and independent life training.

The 42-bed STEPS program in San Diego helps homeless men or those who have been recently released from prison to rebuild their lives by helping them find permanent job, save money and move into independent living. In addition, they are assisted by their caseworker to help prepare for job interviews and prepare for real-world work. 70% of participating in the STEPS program find full-time jobs and 80% save enough money to successfully move out on their own.

In addition, the Coordinated Assistance to Residential Stability (CARS) provides those who find themselves homeless for the first time with lodging and other needed services to help them become gainfully employed and self-sufficient.

The ultimate goal through these programs, along with others, is to prevent and reduce chronic homelessness by providing short-term hosing to persons who have become homeless through no fault on their own and have no support to start over.

Together we can make a difference and by volunteering our time and efforts, we can help to end homelessness within our community and eventually within our nation. Coming together as a community is how we can make the biggest impact and the biggest change to help thousands of individuals rise above homelessness and build a second life for themselves.

To learn more, visit and get involved to help us end homelessness in our community.