They Fought for You, It’s Time to Fight for Them

November 11, 2016

Workshops for Warriors Advanced Manufacturing Training Center is the Ticket to Financial Freedom for our Nation’s Veterans

The Military will train a service member for five months to get ready for Military life, but oftentimes just 5 days to prepare them to transition back to civilian life. Not only can this make the transition stressful for service members, but many of the skills learned in the Military will not transfer over into the civilian sector. Even if the skills do transfer, these men and women do not have the credentials that are recognized and needed to be successful in that career in the civilian world.

The reality is that many Veterans are unsure where to go once transitioning out of the Military, and this is especially true for the majority of those who have families. According to a study by the National Association for Veteran Serving Organizations, 48% of Veterans say that transitioning into civilian life was more difficult than expected. The stress of not having a clear path once transitioning is a big factor that leads to homelessness, substance abuse, and even suicide.

This is where Workshops for Warriors comes into to play.

The nonprofit organization is the only training pipeline in the Nation that trains and certifies Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Transitioning Service Members into advanced manufacturing careers, all at no cost to them. The Veterans enrolled in the program earn Nationally recognized credentials from Mastercam University, SolidWorks, American Welding Society (AWS), national Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) and Immerse2Learn. All credentials earned at the school are portable, so students can take them anywhere in the world or back to their home states and earn well-paying jobs.

For those who are unfamiliar with advanced manufacturing, Workshops for Warriors (WFW) offers students two courses of study: machining and welding. More specifically, these courses include welding and fabrication, CAD/CAM programming, and CNC Machining (CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC laser, and CNC waterjet). According to The Manufacturing Institute, there is expected to be 3.5 million advanced manufacturing jobs created over the next decade due to natural business growth and a retiring workforce, but 2 million of those jobs are set to go unfilled due to lack of skilled labor. This means that the industry is in desperate need of quality workers with the right skillset, and they need them fast in order to stay sustainable. Once again, WFW provides the training for these sought-after skills and found that this line of work is a perfect fit for our nation’s Veterans.

To date, Workshops for Warriors has graduated 321 Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Transitioning Service Members with an amassed 1,274 total credentials earned with a 94% placement rate.

Workshops for Warriors can be replicated all across the nation; however, in order to make this program available outside of San Diego, funding is crucial. It costs $20,268 to put just one Veteran through a WFW program each semester, and $30,268 when a Veteran is offered a scholarship, which allows them to focus on school and not survival.

You can help by spreading the word about WFW, and if you’re looking to support Veterans in the San Diego area, help WFW offset the cost of training with a donation. Donate at to help serve those who served our country.

Workshops for Warriors is bringing advanced manufacturing back to America, one Veteran at a time!