Who We Are

Established in 2002, HomeAid San Diego is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building multi-unit housing for San Diego’s temporarily homeless men, women and children. The organization is supported by an alliance of local building and real estate industry organizations.

Under the leadership of Builder Captains, HomeAid San Diego develops projects with the support of trade partners and volunteers. Once they are completed, professional service providers take up the baton by providing services that help residents regain strength and purpose in a safe environment.


“To play a vital role in the elimination of homelessness.”


“Building new lives for homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach.”

Research indicates that more than 80 percent of the total homeless population are women, children and families that experience a life-altering event (e.g. job loss, natural disaster, foreclosure, divorce abuse or medical condition) that drives them to homelessness.

Typically these temporary or transitional homeless individuals and families merely need a second chance to get their feet back on the ground, attain self-sufficiency, and move quickly toward acquiring some sort of permanent housing.

Through the generosity of builders, their trade partners, and our donors and supporters, HomeAid San Diego builds multi-unit housing for this temporary homeless population, in partnership with charities such as Promises2Kids, Catholic Charities, Interfaith Community Services, Home Start, Inc., Casa de Amparo and others, to operate. These charities provide social services that enable residents to move beyond their temporary situation and transform their lives.

Our Track Record

In just a few years, HomeAid San Diego has built or renovated fifteen projects with outstanding builders acting as Builder Captains and hundreds of local companies donating critical materials and services.

HomeAid San Diego’s projects benefit foster youth, women, emancipated foster youth, and children fleeing domestic violence; temporarily homeless women over 50; veterans, seniors, disabled individuals, abused and neglected children, and young mothers 18-23 and their children. These homes serve more than 300 temporarily homeless individuals and provide 1,000 bed nights each year for the temporarily homeless. Almost $3.7 million of in-kind labor and donated materials have been generated, amounting to 77 percent of total project costs. The total value of completed projects is greater than $18.6 million.

"Did You Know...

1 – that HomeAid San Diego is one of 18 active chapters of HomeAid America, a national non-profit that builds multi-unit shelters in 12 states across the nation where homeless Americans live while they rebuild their lives?”

2 – that HomeAid’s Shelter Development Program is the largest developer of housing of the suddenly homeless in the United States?”

3 – that in 2012 HomeAid San Diego is celebrating 10 years of building shelters for the homeless throughout San Diego County?”

4 – that HomeAid San Diego has completed 12 shelter builds in the past 10 years and will have completed 15 shelters by summer’s end in 2012?”

5 – that HomeAid San Diego-built shelters provide 338 permanent new beds each night for San Diego’s homeless population?”

6 – that HomeAid San Diego has helped build shelters for San Diego homeless service providers Catholic Charities, Promises2Kids, Sullivan’s Group Homes, Casa de Amparo, San Pasqual Academy, Senior Community Centers, Home Start, Community Resource Center, South Bay Community Services, Interfaith Community Services, and North County Lifeline?”

7 – that HomeAid San Diego-built shelters house emancipated foster youth, at risk high-school aged foster youth, homeless and disabled veterans, domestic violence victims, abused and neglected children, women over 50, young homeless mothers and their dependent children, adults in substance abuse programs and at-risk seniors?”

8 – that in San Diego there were 9,800 ‘counted’ homeless in January 2012 – a 9% increase overall in homelessness in the County?  There are many more ‘hidden’  homeless living in cars, with extended family on couches, in nightly shelters or on the streets or under freeway over-passes.”

9 – that most of the homeless are women and children?”

10 – that YOU can become involved in HomeAid San Diego by:

  • making a donation or;
  • becoming a board member or;
  • donating your time, talent or resources to a  shelter build or;
  • becoming a corporate sponsor or;
  • attending our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration?”