Hawthorne Veteran and Family Resource Center

Interfaith Community Services hosts grand opening ceremony for the Hawthorne Veteran and Family Resource Center, built in partnership with HomeAid San Diego. The center will house 20 homeless veterans and provide recuperative care to 12 veterans from local hospitals.

Who We Serve

Unlike any time in America’s history, today’s homeless are primarily women, children, and families. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of today’s homeless are not the people seen on the street. Today’s homeless are the “Invisible Homeless” who are without a place to live due to unforeseen life circumstances. They are parents who had to choose between paying the rent or paying for a daughter’s medicine. They are mothers who removed their children from abusive fathers. They are parents who lost their job because a manufacturer closed a plant. They are pregnant teens who were thrown  ….


Who We Are

Established in 2002, HomeAid San Diego is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building multi-unit housing for San Diego’s temporarily homeless men, women and children. The organization is supported by an alliance of local building and real estate industry organizations.

Under the leadership of Builder Captains, HomeAid San Diego develops projects with the support of trade partners and volunteers. Once they are completed, professional service providers take up the baton by providing services that help residents regain strength and purpose in a safe ….


Project Spotlight

Organization Opens Its Second Maternity Shelter in Partnership with HomeAid San Diego

Providing a safe, secure and supportive housing environment for homeless young mothers, Home Start is expanding its maternity shelter program with the opening of its second maternity shelter location.


Partner Spotlight

Owens Corning and HomeAid San Diego team up to make the Home Start Maternity Shelter more energy efficient.

Through HomeAid’s national Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP), the Owens Corning Foundation provided a $15,000 grant and a commitment to provide insulation and roofing products in support of HomeAid’s efforts across the country to retrofit existing shelters with energy-saving materials.